Building Communities of Commons in Greece

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Hace 9 años
Translations (of subtitles and other texts): Greek is a language spoken by few. To be able to spread the story of the community and its vision to peoples everywhere, we need your help to break the barriers/traverse the border of language. We can (within our team's capacity) subtitle the documentary in english. Can you help us address your local community or others in your/their mother tongue?
Hace 8 años
I am interested in helping with the subtitling. Giorgos
Hace 8 años
Hello George, your offer is most welcomed! Which language(s) could you help out with? Send us a message with your email and we can be in touch. thank you again for the kind offer, Xenia
Hace 8 años
How about translating the subtitles in Bulgarian? Are you interested? Will be glad to spread the word in Bulgarian as well...
Hace 8 años
Hi Rossie, thank you very much for your kind offer! Of course we are interested :) We will be in contact, welcome on board! Xenia
Hace 8 años
Diffusion - spread the word: We believe that building bridges among people and communities, that share a common ground and vision, needs first and foremost visibility. You can help the emerging community to raise a clear strong voice by sharing this campaign (and its messages).
Spread the word!
Hace 8 años
Share the message: Among friends, in your local community or in a social space. We not only encourage sharing, we invite you to be our "ambassador" and host (for example: by organizing open screenings and talks). Just drop a word back to us to include it on our news, or come in contact so we can provide you with a better quality video than the one uploaded on the internet if needed.
Hace 8 años
Hi Personal Cinema! Really love this initiative and would like to help where ever I can - one thing that comes to mind now is that I'd be happy to organise screenings in the UK either at my own project space in London and/or friends cinema spaces in the UK. Also unMonastery that I am involved in would be more than happy to spread the word! Very Best, Ben
Hace 8 años
Great work!
Hace 8 años
thank you George for your "vote of confidence"!! :)
Hace 8 años
How about translating the subtitles in German? Are you interested? Lia
Hace 8 años
Μπράβο σας! Τέτοιες προσπάθειες που υποστηρίζουν την οικοδόμηση κοινοτήτων που έχουν ως στόχο -ανάμεσα σε άλλα- την τοπική ανάπτυξη και την συνεργατικότητα για την παραγωγή κοινών αγαθών, είναι ίσως η λύση στην πολύπλευρη κρίση που μαστίζει τη χώρα μας αλλά και ένα όραμα για μια βιώσιμη κοινωνία του παρόντος και του μέλλοντος.
Καλή και επιτυχή συνέχεια στο πρωτοπόρο εγχείρημα!
Βελβεντό, 13-11-2015
Νίκος Τσιουκαρδάνης, πολίτης
Hace 8 años
I can collaborate translating the subtitles into Spanish.