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Warscape Sonata

A sound art composition about the use of viral media to bypass the war on drugs in Mexico

Economic needs



€ 1.550
€ 1.450
€ 315
Filed on
25 / 03 / 2012

Non-economic needs

Looking for

  • Recyclable Hardware

    With DyneBolic OS and GNU/Linux practically almostany piece of computer hardware can be transformed in a multimedia laboratory! We always prefer to recycle instead of keep consuming! The hardware is useful to organize workshops, art installations, hacklabs, etc. Actually We're interested in: USB - IDE external hard discs; Netbooks or laptops; Smartphones; microphones

  • Disc burning

    Can you donate blank CD discs? We need them to reproduce the audio CD. Or maybe you can help printing some booklets (in laser, offset, screen printing, etc)

  • Apoya y difunde

    Ayudame a difundir este proyecto: seas comunicador o periodista, blogger, tuitero o tuitera, parte de asociaciones civiles, educadora, maestro o activista: habla, opina, comenta, copia y distribuye WarscapeSonata para apoyar no sólo en el financiamiento compartido sino también en la reflexión profunda sobre los efectos de la guerra en México.

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What is offered in exchange

Individual rewards

  • Contributing € 5

    Acknowledgment: Every donations counts!

    Your name in the project's website and mentions during the performances.

  • Contributing € 30

    Product: Audio CD limited edition

    Your name in the website + 1 audio CD special edition. Personal deliver in Barcelona city or mail delivery.

    Limited reward
    27 units left
  • Contributing € 50

    Product: Be my Sponsor for the audio CD

    Public recognition + Your name or banner printed in the CD's booklet (off course We can deliver you by postal mail :)

    Limited reward
    9 units left
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I'm a multimedia artist and freelance radio journalist based in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico. Since almost a decade I had been reporting for news services like Radio Bilingue, FSRN, Radio Netherlands and others. In the year 2009 I took part on the Winter Camp Congress in Amsterdam, organized by the Institute of Network Cultures. Now I'm collaborating with the Dyne.org Foundation to distribute Free Culture and lowering hardware requirements to raise freedom of expression around the world. My media and art work is focus on the paradigmatic use of free sortware to use on Journalism, Net Art and Education.

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Project in: Español

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Warscape Sonata

Remixing information related to the current drug war in Mexico: RSS news channels, microblogging hashtags, and viral videos are used as sources for an electronic registry of the historic moment of militarized Mexico.

This use of the internet within a wartime context is generating interesting forms of digital culture which are the basis of this project.

The information obtained from these sources is manipulated by GNU/Linux software to extract sound archives which are then used to create a noise musical structure that places aesthetic emphasis on the media aspect of the war.

Main features

Warscape Sonata is a sound art piece that creates sonic modules to be aired digitally and/or analogically. The project includes also an electronic book about the documentation of the technical aspects of the software used. Additionally it will produce an special audio CD, free media workshops and one download web area.

Thi project is distributed with the Free Art Licence.

With this campaign I want to complete some financial requirements to produce and distribute the final product of the project.

Actually I have the support of the Nau Côclea, a Contemporary Creation Center in Camallera Spain, where I will be hosted to produce one version of this piece, as part of the Musica13 Art Residencies. (www.naucoclea.com/es/content/resoluci%C3%B3n-2012/)

Why this is important

What's happening in Mexico?

In late 2006, the Mexican federal government (with US support) declared war on the powerful drug trafficking cartels. The civilian population lives trapped in the crossfire amid war propaganda.

More than 50 thousand people have died as a result, including dozens of journalists. This has caused a crisis in information on the violent events which occur daily in Mexico.

Why to make radio art about Mexican NarcoWar?

In Mexico, a lot of civilians use the internet and social networks not only to increase the number of friends and socialize, but also to avoid becoming victims of crossfire. This social experiment with mass media is generating new forms of pop culture charaterized by intense human drama.

For example, Twitter messages about shootouts in progress have become commmon. On YouTube, one can find videos of armed confrontations, interrogations of cartel members, murders or messages from paramilitaries.

This use of the internet within a wartime context is generating interesting forms of digital culture which are the basis of this project.

Warscape Sonata is a tribute to all these innocent people that are triying to survive to the war using social media and common sense.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign

The principal goal of this campaign is cover the production costs of the project, specially the air ticktes Mexico-Europe, to participate in the Música13 Art Festival organized by the Nau Côclea at Camallera Girona Spain.

With this campaign, it will be possible to produce also a special edition of audio CD, and to organize free software workshops and radio performances.
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