Open Energy

A Fully Open Source Prototype of Domestic Energy Infrastructure

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Economic needs



Filed on
28 / 04 / 2012

Non-economic needs

Looking for

  • Hardware Developers, Programmers

    Engineers and programmers who could collaborate in developing visualization software (app) and/or developing energy monitoring device.

  • Graphic and interaction designers

    Designers who could collaborate in designing new visualization and interaction interfaces of the system. It’s also wanted help in developing the web of Open Energy.

  • Diffusion and communication

    Journalists, communicators, bloggers, interested in working in the communication of Open Energy concept.

  • R&D

    Research cells interested in production models based in common logic and/or Smart cities.

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What is offered in exchange

Individual rewards

  • Contributing 5

    Acknowledgment: Gratitude: Acknowledgement on the Web

    Your name will appear in the acknowledgement section on the Open Energy Web with your full name.

  • Contributing 15

    Services: Participating in the workshop “Build your own Energy Monitoring Device”

    You could attend to the workshop in which an energy monitoring device will be made, and we will help you to build your own power consumption sensor (5h duration, Madrid and Barcelona). You will not need any prior knowledge of programming or electronics. Organization will provide you with materials needed for the workshop. Components for making the device will be provided by assistants to the workshop if they want to make their own monitoring system. (estimated cost of components is 60€; you will be informed about different components required and where to buy them) + Acknowledgement on the web.

  • Contributing 30

    Services: Participating in the workshop “Visualize power consumption at your home”

    You could attend to the workshop “Build your own Energy Monitoring Device”, and in addition, to a second Workshop in which different visualization interfaces will be explored to visualize power consumption of different devices, and to synchronize the visualization interfaces with the monitoring systems (5h duration, Madrid and Barcelona).

  • Contributing 40

    Product: Beta Visualization App before release

    The source code of Visualization Software + Tutorial describing the code of beta application before release + Acknowledgement on the web.

  • Contributing 60

    Services: Consulting

    Technical consulting of online advice for the development of monitoring and/or visualization system + Acknowledgement on the web.

  • Contributing 300

    Patrocinador: Sponsor: Emphasized recognition in press note and on the web

    Your full name or logo and organization will have a featured section as sponsor on the Open Energy Web + It will appear in the press note of the release and diffusion of the project.

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Fran Castillo

Fran Castillo
Fran Castillo (@francastillo) is an Architect/ETSAS and Interaction Designer /UPF. He is currently research director at Responsive Environments. Between his projects, stand out Ecovisualización-Ecoanalogización, developed at Medialab-Prado Madrid, and Augmented Ecologies, recently chosen in 2011 Subtle Technologies Festival Toronto, awarded with first prize in the 4th Advanced Architecture Contest IAAC “City Sense” Barcelona 2011, and in 2011 International Residency Program KIBU´S / Kitchen Budapest. Magyar Telekom's Innovation Lab, and I Digital Culture Festival UBICUA´11 Sevilla 2011. It was also chosen at 2011 Eme3 International Architecture Festival / COAC / ARTS SANTA MÓNICA / DHUB / ELISAVA Barcelona. Coimpulsor of Festival Pecha Kucha Night Sevilla. His work has been exhibited in Medialab-Prado/Madrid, Pecha Kucha Nights/Sevilla, La Casa Encendida/Madrid, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo/Sevilla, COAC/Colegio Oficial Arquitectos Cataluña/Barcelona, Subtle Technologies Toronto, Kitchen Budapest Medialab/Budapest and Dutch Design Week /Eindhoven.
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#40 Open Energy ha sido archivado por falta de financiación.

By: Fran Castillo 29 | 04 | 2012
Hola a todos,

Quería comunicados que Open Energy no ha alcanzado el mínimo de 5000€ programado.

Queria agradecer a todas las personas que han manifestado interés en el proyecto, aquellos que nos han ayudado en la difusión y en particular a los 44 personas que han confiado en Open Energy (alcanzando gracias a ellos el 44% financiado 2218€) ...

muchísimas gracias¡¡¡¡ Carlos Alonso, Eva Bai, Jorge Ramiro, Gregoire Paccoud, Ra, Rafael


#21 Open Energy en Yorokobu

By: Fran Castillo 09 | 04 | 2012
Alcanzamos el ecuador de la campaña con el 28% cofinanciado :), queriamos agradecer a nuestros primeros cofinanciadores por todo el apoyo e interés en Open Energy, muchas gracias¡¡¡¡ (Pau LLop, Verónica, Antonio Lafuente, Daniel Laguna, Migel V. Espada, Amariana, Eva Saura, Mjnavarro, Olivier, Esenabre, Kike, Soleai, Ultra-Lab, Adolmedo, Ialcalde, Luismi_barral, Ekonlab, Jose Abel Tuvilla, Michael Moradiellos, Maite Guzmán, Arquitec, Fri, Josep Vives, Bernardo Ruiz, Citizen Art Days...

#20 Open Energy, Visualizar Para Gestionar en Común

By: Fran Castillo 08 | 04 | 2012
"Open Energy, Visualizar Para Gestionar en Común" fantástico artículo por Ultra-lab

" palabra "Procomún" en su reuso contemporáneo y la noción que llevaba eran confidenciales en España, el primer grupo del laboratorio del Procomún de Medialab Prado definió la estrategia


#17 Que es Open Energy ? Domenico Di Siena nos da su opinión…

By: Fran Castillo 04 | 04 | 2012
gracias Domenico¡¡¡

#16 What´s Open Energy?

By: Fran Castillo 03 | 04 | 2012
We already have the english version of Open Energy, What´s Open Energy? Open Energy is a prototype of energy infrastructure completely Open Source. Additional information take a look... :)

I would like to thank José Mª Raya Bejarano greatly, he is the author of english translation, thanks José Mª!

#11 Open Energy en Código Abierto /

By: Fran Castillo 30 | 03 | 2012
...iniciamos el #11 día en la campaña #goteo, alcanzado ya el 19% ... :))

os dejo link a artículo que publica hoy Bernardo Gutiérrez en el Blog Código Abierto / "Open Energy para una ciudad sostenible y democrática"


#5 Open Energy : Hacking Your Home´s Electrical System

By: Fran Castillo 23 | 03 | 2012
#update #5día #17% #crowdfunding Goteo, Open Energy: Hacking Your Home´s Electrical System¡¡¡¡