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Cómo acabar con el Mal: 5 días de arte y activismo

How to End Evil: 5 Days of Art and Activism How to End Evil: 5 Days of Art and Activism

Economic needs



€ 9.000
€ 6.000
€ 6.408
05 / 05 / 2012

Non-economic needs

Looking for

  • Dissemination

    We need people to help spread word of the event through social networks, blogs and personal pages, in publications or by distributing flyers, posters and stickers.

  • Simultaneous translation

    We need translators into Castilian Spanish for the international speakers who will make their presentations in English.

  • Accommodation for participants

    The organizers want to help facilitate people to come to the event to anyone who needs it, including those who live outside Barcelona. For this reason, we’re asking help of anyone that has an extra room for someone to stay and can offer accommodation to attendees from elsewhere during the event. With all these addresses we will create a kind of “couchsurfing”, that is, a list of beds / sofas available for people to stay on during the conference.

  • Share transport

    A call to all who can and want to share a vehicle with people interested in attending the conference from outside Barcelona.

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What is offered in exchange

Individual rewards

  • Contributing € 7

    Acknowledgment: Public thanks

    Your name, or that of your organization, will appear on the conference website as a project collaborator.

  • Contributing € 15

    Product: Badges and stickers to help end Evil

    The conference’s own badges and stickers + Public thanks.

  • Contributing € 30

    Product: T-shirt + Merchandising kit

    T-shirt to protect you from Evil + Badges and stickers + Public thanks.

  • Contributing € 40

    Product: DVD + Merchandising

    DVD compilation of videos and materials on art and activism + Badges and stickers to end Evil + Public thanks.

  • Contributing € 60

    Product: T-shirt to protect you from Evil + Starter kit to end Evil

    T-shirt to protect you from Evil + Kit with basic essential items to end Evil + Badges and stickers + Public thanks.

  • Contributing € 120

    Product: A copy of the book "GAC: pensamientos, prácticas, acciones" + DVD + Kit to end Evil + T-shirt

    A copy of the book "GAC: thoughts, practices, actions" on the history of the Street Art Group + DVD compilation of videos and materials on art and activism + Kit with essential items to end Evil + T-shirt + Badges and stickers + Public thanks.

  • Contributing € 240

    Product: Book "Beautiful Trouble" + Limited edition hand painted mug + DVD + Kit to end Evil + T-shirt

    A copy of the book "Beautiful Trouble", a collection of practices and ideas gathered from several decades of creative activism by various authors, edition co-ordinated by Andrew Boyd + Limited edition hand painted mug + DVD compilation of videos and materials on art and activism + Kit with essential items to end Evil + T-shirt + Public thanks.

  • Contributing € 600

    Espónsor oficial: Sponsorship

    Your name and logo will appear as a sponsor of the festival in both press releases, on the web and in all materials produced. If you are interested in this option you must know that we do not accept any Evil sponsors ;-)

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ENMEDIO es un colectivo y una asociación cultural ubicada en el barrio del Poble Sec en Barcelona. En el año 2007 abrimos un espacio con el objetivo de generar y promover proyectos vinculados al arte, la política, las nuevas tecnologías y la cultura libre, un lugar donde pensar colectivamente nuevas formas creativas de intervención social. Desde hace 5 años, realizamos, siempre de manera autosugestionada, una programación semanal gratuita llamada Los Jueves Enmedio, esta programación incluye charlas, conferencias, presentaciones de proyectos y un montón de cosas más. También organizamos talleres donde las prácticas artísticas se mezclan con las necesidades sociales. En medio realiza también producciones audiovisuales. Todo esto lo encontrarás en nuestra página web: www.enmedio.info

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Cómo acabar con el Mal: 5 días de arte y activismo

How to End Evil is an self-organized international gathering of creative activism, organized by Enmedio in (at) the Antic Teatre of Barcelona. With this crowdfunding campaign, we are hoping make this project a reality – we just need to pay a few train and plane tickets, feed the guests, spread the word, etc. None of our guests or organizers have charged for their participation, making it possible to keep all events free of charge.

“Action is our relationship with everything,” remarked Bruce Lee immediately before he bit the dust; and he was right: for something to change, there must first be action. Acknowledging this, we've decided to co-organize these days of creative activism — because we want to change things, and because we believe that artistic practices, well deployed, can become ideal tools for social transformation.

Here to inspire us will be a number of cultural agitators and activists from around the world (New York, Buenos Aires, Hamburg, London, Sevilla, Barcelona, Madrid...). Here's a few of their names so that you can get the idea:

GAC (Grupo de Arte Callejero): As this Argentinian collective demonstrates in every one one of their projects, the artistic and the political can form part of the same integrated process of production. Past projects include Aquí viven genocidas (Here Live Genocides), Carteles de la memoria (Memory Posters), Blancos móviles (Mobile Targets), etc.

Yomango: All major brands offer a style of living, so does Yomango. The style of living that Yomango offers is accessible to everyone. The name comes from the verb mangar: to steal; to separate desire from consumption, attack these multinational companies with style, not money or credit cards. Because you can't buy happiness...

Flo6x8: an artivist-situationist-performing-folkloric-non-violent collective. They use flamenco as a form of expression against the financial system.

And much more. For the complete list of invited participants see:

Each of these participants will come loaded with creative tricks and tools for social change, and ready to share their tactics that have made their actions so effective. With their help, and with your help, How to End Evil could become an ideal concoction on how to face a crisis with creativity, and have a great time doing it.

Main features


"How to End Evil" is an independently organized international gathering of creative activism, not beholden to or associated with any institution. It'll be happening on the 27, 28, 29, 30 y 31 of March in the Antic Teatre (www.anticteatre.com/) de Barcelona, it will be free and open to all.

Through the presentations and workshops that will make up this gathering, we seek to equip ourselves with a series of creative tools that can be applied to social action, in the streets and on the web. Our objective is to invent new ways to act in the context of crisis, new means of intervention grounded in artistic practices. Actions that evade the logic of violent/non-violent; new forms of protest and direct action capable of evading political repression and media manipulations.


We've got 5 consecutive days planned, from the 27th to the 31st of March, 2012. During the first three days, there will be presentations of projects at the Antic Teatre, with some of the most creative and imaginative local and international practitioners of recent years. Following that, a series of workshops will take place in the Sala Adriantic and will be facilitated by the participants. The goal of these workshops is to develop tangible projects that can bring the ideas that emerge to fruition.

Apart from the official programming, the gathering seeks to include all types of proposals that can be incorporated into the week; including open space for presentations, gatherings, and spontaneous discussion.

Finally, remember that these 5 days are just a beginning of the end! This is the launching pad for a process that will start here and won't stop until we have Ended Evil! And we'll be sure to enjoy ourselves while we do it.

Why this is important


After the Arab spring and the summer of mobilizations, after the autumn of Occupy, and a winter full of austerity cuts; after all this: these workshops and gathering will up-skill participants with a toolbox for how to combat crisis with creativity.


This gathering is for students, professors, the employees, the evicted, and the unemployed. For all who are having trouble making ends meet. For those who are tired of so many social cuts, and for all those who suffer every day a dysfunctional system and refuse to give up. This gathering is for the 99%, the people who make the world work, for the fans of Monty Python, and the fans of the Simpsons. And for you - reading this right now, having come this far.

If you are looking for new forms of social intervention, new ways of protesting, if you need creative tools for direct action in the street or online don't miss this. You belong here.

Goals of the crowdfunding campaign


- Equip ourselves with creative tools for this new age of mobilizations.
- Inspire innovative means of social intervention.
- Create and strengthen creative networks.
- Create working groups that complete concrete actions in the short term.
- Create a new space for networking, skill and experience sharing.
- Reflect upon the role of art in social transformation.
- Arm ourselves with creative tools for actions on the street and on the web.
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